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Huge Aquarium Tank Protein Skimmer Filter w/ Power Pump
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Huge Aquarium Tank Protein Skimmer Filter w/ Power Pump

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Not only does it fit ALL aquarium tanks, our Protein Skimmer works great for marine reef aquariums such as saltwater coral, reef, and fish tanks.

When the skimmer works, oxygen enters the pump chamber and is stirred, pressed by the impellers. Abundant mini bubbles produced are mixed with water, enter vortex chamber and rotate at high speeds. Trough the tension effect of the mini bubbles, protein, heavy metal elements, fibers and other organic element will be powerfully absorbed. As a result, water will be purified and oxygen will be added.

Purchase our Protein Skimmer for your aquarium to increase oxygen and wave movements for the most natural eco-friendly environment and a cleaner tank. Watch your fish and corals live healthier and actively bring the ocean into your aquarium!

FEATURES: Fully submersible power head pump included; Suitable for all marine and fresh water aquarium up to 300 gallons; Minimum vibration with low noise and completely submersible; High capacity vortex reaction chamber; Skimmer runs quietly; Venturi action pump ensures plenty of bubbles; Oil free, grease free magnetic motor avoids pollution in your tank; Quick precise air injection control above water level; Detachable upper chamber for easy cleaning; (4) plastic suction pads for stability; Fits any tanks, performs especially well for marine tanks; More effective than air driven protein skimmers; Comes with everything you need, simply plug in and ready to use

SPECIFICATIONS: Power 90 Watt; Output 3200 L/H; AC 110V 120V /60Hz; Max flow rate: 800 GPH; Max tank size: up to 300 gallons

INCLUDES: (1) Submersible Pump; (1) Heavy-duty protein skimmer; (2) Tubules (1 extra for backup)


Fully submersible power head

300 gallon capacity

Oil free, grease free magnetic motor

Output 3200 L/H

Minimum vibration with low noise

Product Details:
Product Weight: 5.0 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 26 reviews
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