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Best Choice Products® External 5 Stage Canister Filter Pump Fish Tank Aquarium
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Best Choice Products® External 5 Stage Canister Filter Pump Fish Tank Aquarium

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Not only does it fits ALL aquarium tanks, our external canister works great for marine reef aquariums such as saltwater coral, reef, and fish tanks. Purchase our canister for your aquariums to increase oxygen and wave movements for the most natural ecological environment and a cleaner tank. Watch your fish and coral live more healthy and actively; bring the ocean into your aquarium.

FEATURES: Canister runs quietly and is extremely reliable; 5 stage Multi-Layers Filtration; Quick release taps for easy cleaning; Fits any tanks, perform especially well for marine tanks; Quality Fitting (Taps, Hoses & Spray bar included); FREE WATER TRAY; Super Filtration effect with built-in air pumped; Cotton pads which hold bacteria & algae for easy cleaning; Multi-Filtration Eliminate Harmful Viruses, Parasites, Bacteria, and Algae

SPECIFICATIONS: 5 Stage Filtration; Power 35 Watt; Output 1500 L/H; 110-120V 60Hz; Max Flow Rate: 520 GPH; Max Tank Size: up to 150 gallon; Overall Dimensions: 18.5" (H) x 11" (D) x 11" (W); All Hoses are included! Easy to set up and maintain

INCLUDES: (1) FREE WATER TRAY; (1) Filter Cask; (2) Heavy Duty Lock Buckles; (5) Filter Plastic Baskets; (1) Basket Cover; (1) Seal ring; (1) Pump Top Cover; (1) Water Circulation Valve; (2) Plastic Turning knobs; (8) Plastic Suction pads; (8) tube-clips; (1) Aperture tube stopper; (1) Aperture tube; (1) Elbow


5 stage Multi-Layers Filtration

Quality Fitting (Taps, Hoses & Spray bar included)

Output 1500 L/H

Max Flow Rate: 520 GPH

Overall Dimensions: 18.5" (H) x 11" (D) x 11" (W)

Product Details:
Product Length: 11.0 inches
Product Width: 11.0 inches
Product Height: 18.5 inches
Package Length: 19.7 inches
Package Width: 12.3 inches
Package Height: 9.6 inches
Package Weight: 15.45 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 70 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 70 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

19 of 20 found the following review helpful:

5WOWNov 08, 2010
By poogiver
Unbelievable filter( let alone ) for the price. I have dirty little cichlids in a 45 gal.....WOW! So Quiet all I can hear is the water rushing. The water looks"polished" after just a short while.Get this product if you have any water clarity issues. The unit came with all the filter media you need for a full start! Only problem was a dodgy instruction manual but if you have very basic commonsense you'll do fine. Took maybe 45 min to get set up perfectly!!!!!

Update!!!!purchased in 2010 now 2014!!

Four years later this canister filter is still kicking! No serious problems however, I too cannot find a replacement impeller and it has become very noisy. No Big though I leave it in the living room it's not too bad. For $50 I still say can't beat it!

14 of 15 found the following review helpful:

5Great Canister FilterJan 09, 2011
By Sam Johnson
I bought this filter because I needed to replace an older canister filter that just wasn't doing the job any longer. This unit was very easy to set up. Only issue that I ran into the priming the system. The big button on top wasn't pulling the water into the canister. After some thought, I took the input hose off of the canister & filled it with water from the tank. Once I had that line free of air, I connected it back to the canister. One pump later and the whole system took over on its own.

Two days into it, this filter is running with no leaks and is extremely quiet. The flow in the tank is very good and the clarity levels have increased dramatically. I would recommend this system to anyone looking for a canister filter and is serious about keeping thier tank clear and clean.

This is connected to a 75 gallon, freshwater, heavily planted tank. I was a little worried about the intake tube being so close to some of my plants. I had to change location of the intake tube a couple times and moved some driftwood to shield it from the leaves of some plants. Once that was accomplished, water flow was no problem.

In the very near future, I will be purchasing another of these canisters for my other tank.

10 of 10 found the following review helpful:

5great filter for a very low priceOct 22, 2010
By roy_lt10
I was looking for a great filter for my 62 gallon saltwater tank and came across the setup. the price caught my eye for what it all does. So I went out looking to compare prices for the filter that I needed for my tank and this one stuck out the most. I've been using this Filter for a while now and it great not problems easy to setup and clean and great for the price. others run over $200 for what this does.

11 of 12 found the following review helpful:

4Great, but slow flow.......May 01, 2011
By Todd_Sails
I think this was marketed under Jebo and Odyssea filters. I looked up many reviews from years ago about this product.

I installed it a few weeks ago. NO leaks, VERY quiet.

The flow is not that great as is says, but they all rate the flow with no rise, no fiters, etc.

I did see a post that perhaps it could be used with a 220 current like they have in China. NOt sure if I'm going to try that yet.

Overall, I like it. It has a full 5 stages, and it's on my 125 gallon salt water tank, it's been on there about two weeks. I'm still cycling.

Look up all the old revies of the Jebo filters, looks exactly the same!

With my know how, I think it will run well for a while, it was about $80 shipped.

7 of 7 found the following review helpful:

4New External 5 Stage Canister Filter Pump Fish Tank AquariumJan 15, 2011
By Trapper
Great 5 stage filter for the money, but don't buy it for the flow rate. I checked ebay and this filter is rated at 520gph max. I'm measuring about 120gph with a 2.5 foot rise. I love the way the instructions are written though. Me no have leak. Me happy.

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